The Essence of Our Work

We bring up to you the unconscious predictions of market players!

"Each time a market participant decides to buy or to sell, he takes into account all of the up-to-the-minute known information & data, and therefore he makes an anticipation or a prediction ahead of current outlook. These anticipations and these predictions can be grasped through finely parameterized technical indicators which are then modelled by our own."


At ChartGuidance we aspire to ways of thinking outside the consensual framework, we believe in a different way to challenge the status quo of the classical and academic investment process. We believe in a way of controlling emotion, of keeping a spirit of independence and of evolving outside the herd.

As the founder of ChartGuidance in 2010, I am convinced by a particular method I discovered in 1991 and for which I passionately developed my own competence as an expert. This incredible non-conventional method to detect price movements is the use of one of the most accurate decision-making on investment: technical analysis, also called graphical analysis. My computer program allows real time monitoring of a selection of 31 technical indicators within five different time scales (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly). The excellence I aim at in reading technical signals provides the accuracy of financial forecasts.

If you are a person who wants to effectively monitor your investments, if you need to take clear and methodical decisions, I have the exact product for you! ChartGuidance releases a Weekly Report which sets out the financial forecasts on some of the major stock markets, currencies, commodities and currencies.

To consult freely most of historical database, click on link:   Free Weekly Reports (last Free Report as of February 15th 2017)

Nils Baranger

Technical analysis expertise since 1991

Financial forecasting expertise since 1998


About ChartGuidance

Technical analysis started to fascinate me when I was 21. Since then it has been a 20 years of experience of astonishing financial forecasts and market timing.

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Reports and Services

ChartGuidance offers Weekly Reports and Tailor made Reports to professional investors and financial experts. Those Reports are PDF documents.

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